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lions and harlequins and nerds, oh my!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I realized while moving stuff to my FKMT folder that I have a SaKai pic for 8/10 occassions, though Halloween pics seem to be in strange abundance (relatively).

Also sharing this one because it cracks me the fuck up

I suspect my own Halloween will be satisfactorily zawazawa, since there may be mahjong involved?

I was so tired that last night I slept long enough for the little hand to make a full circle (i.e. 12hrs). I've been busy lately, mostly with cleaning lol. And I haven't been sleeping too well (generally in the waking-up-earlier-than-I-need-to way) for some reason.

I made cuppy cakes on Thursday night~ They're pumpkin, natch.

Squid's costume. Gao~ gao~

Me & Cecilia & don't my nails look nice? They're red glitter in black base with a matte topcoat (although they started getting satin-y by yesterday morning).

in ur receptionist counters camwhorin'

With my darling Sylvia~


They made my 小表哥 wear one of my pigtails.

Su & Julie

She is so sweet I love my Julie~

Wow my hips look enormous but they kinda are so...;;


Mah boo~ and I can't wink. I forgot to take a picture of the "love letter" Jess wrote me and stuck above my computer that everyone has been asking me about hahahahaaa she's the cutest.

And Cici's pics:

Our decor, courtesy of Madame President-san.

Skiiinny little ittybitty Amymy damn lookit those legs.

Semy, Cici, Anne, Syl, me, Jessica.

Kevin's supafly car.

And Kevin. This is my supervisor, guys, don't be jealous.

What a slut. And I mean Ron. See, look at John-san's knowing smile in the back there. He's thinking, "That Ronald, what a slut."

And Jess' pics:

Semy looks so seductive & dangerous here rowrrr!

I love mah boo~

Vickie: "I'm a pirate!" Ronnie: "You look like a wench to me." Ah, sibling love.

Even though almost every day is a roller coaster, it was kinda nice hearing from Mistah J, "You look so cute, I just want to eat you." Lack of Ivy this year (dammit, La!!!) makes me a little puddin'-oriented, I suppose.

And I placed top 3 in our little costume contest, which is kind of flattering except I'm a dork who thinks Halloween is SRS BZNS.
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Happy Halloweeeeen!!
djafhdaushfsd you look SO CUTE, I can't even find the right words to explain how cute hahaha<3333
Thanks, honey!! I'm late, but it looks like you two had a good time on Halloween as well~ ♥

Also my ego has officially become huge due to nice compliments from pretty girls so if I turn into a vain vapid bitch you only have yourself to blame. ;P
i'm so envious of the harleyquinn costume Y~Y

looks like so much fun!
It was!! Except for the parts where we still had to work in between picture-taking lmao.
Harley! Yay!

I love that your office is so into Halloween... most places I've worked put out a pumpkin and call it a day. Not even a carved pumpkin. Just a plain, small pumpkin that someone picked up for two bucks at the supermarket.

Also, you look nine feet tall next to Julie.
It's more like the president's wife gets to do whatever she wants + has far too much time on her hands, but on the upside, I reap the benefits!! (And really, mostly me, since the office part wasn't decorated at all.)

Yeah she is an teeeeeeny little thing♥ Plus the heels & wig add even more height hahaha
Though I'm kinda thrown off over how you have detachable pigtails XD
LOL my friend & I staged a fake catfight that ended with her "yanking" one of them off and everyone watching was like, "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
happy entry! fobs are surprisingly spirited! now i know where u work! :O
Everyone likes an excuse to party!! Haha. And gurl, you KNOW where I work, it's Fobtown.
WOW you get to celebrate Halloween at your work place? SPOOKTACULAR!

And this is my fave entry because I love you jaGdjasgejsahjkh *swoon* and Halloween :DDDDD

but but...your hips are ok. ;.; and over here they say big hips are good for giving birth/having babies, rofl whaaa.

dammit, we can never get the type of pumpkins you have. ours are so yuck, lol. (they're not even orange)

They decided it super last-minute but I'm glad they went with the costume thing in the end. :)

You're always so sweet, honey~ */////* ♥ ♥

HAHAHA then they'll go to waste. I only like kids when they don't come home with me at the end of the day, lmao.

You can have pumpkins like these!! Cuz they're fake, lol, although they were actually carved.
So cute and TINY!! ♥ Your workplace is awesome. But back to your ~hotness~ ahaha. Seriously, your waist to hip ratio is very nice. EMBRACE IT! (I was gonna say or let me do it for you but I think I've been sufficiently creepy)
late is late

*0* You look soooo pretty~!!!