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Day 0: July 1st, Wednesday
Got to the hotel around 3pm, where some minor roommate drama occurred. Kris' friend John had to back out because his parents wouldn't let him go, and the replacement guy she found, Sean, could only stay two days and was contemplating not staying at all. Ultimately, he decided to stay, so we finally got to our room and dumped our stuff. Room lineup for days one and two were me, Kris, Sean, and Conrad.

We then went to pick up our badges... and discovered the LINE OF DOOM. But I also saw koneko in there! (Also announced to my RIBARU my intent to steal her away~ fufufu.) Later, I was joined in my wait by chappy_rukia.
A few hours later, finally obtained badges, got some dinner at a nearby mini-mart, then trudged back to the hotel.

That night was NG. I decided we should split nights between the floor and the bed, and decided on the floor for the first. I couldn't fall asleep: I have trouble falling asleep in foreign environments sometimes, plus the floor hurt my back, plus the carpet was dusty and killed my sinuses. And then Sean's alarm went off at around 5 (he decided, for some reason, not to wait for his badge on day 0 and figured he had to get up early to pick it up his), but instead of turning it off or getting up, he snoozed it about five times instead and I never got back to sleep after that.

Day 1: July 2nd, Thursday
Wore Yako and walked to the convention center again because Conrad didn't have a bus pass and we're retards and didn't think of cutting the stupid thing in half to stick in his lanyard but oh well.
Later on in the course of the con, I discovered there's a building along the way that has the street number 777 in huge size, and deeply regretted not seeing it on this day to take pictures with it. (777 Tools of the Demon World: Evil Cosplay, which eats away at your skin with burning acid while you wear it, I'm sure.)

Not much planned for the day, so spent most of it wandering the con. Saw koneko again, in Louise, and ambushed my high school friend Lydia. Eventually met up with charmmy, and ended up going to the Morning Musume. panel with her & her sister plus the two boys I dragged along with me (Conrad & Richard).

The panel was cute— when they first walked up to their seats, I could kind of see the tops of some of their heads through the crowd, and when I saw Reina's signature pigtails this surreal feeling hit me and my girlboner popped up.
Gaki and Eri did a lot of, "Okei~!" and thumbs-up. Risa cracks me up: the second half of the panel was devoted to answering questions from the audience, and at one point someone said something funny, so the crowd started laughing, and she leaned up into her mic and was like,"EH?? Nani? NANI??" A-awwwwww, my Mame.
My impression of Koharu was only strengthened, because she really is the Retarded Little Sister type. And I was hoping I'd be convereted into liking Mitsui, but I still don't and she's still horribly fug to me.
I did, however, become a LinLin convert. She spoke in English when it was her turn to talk, and sounded like she was trying so hard. At one point she also said, "加油! Fighting!" which made me die a little on the inside in a very good way.

After hitting up the exhibit hall and getting some dinner at the food court in the convention center, I started crashing after running all day on 3hrs of sleep, espresso, and a can of Monster, so Conrad & I went back to the room and napped for a little.

Once we woke up and the others got back to the room, with Albert & Erwin in tow, we were like, "We should order pizza we should order pizza," yet kept forgetting, so I suggested we go to chappy_rukia's and order there since I wanted to go hang out with her in her bigass room. We did just that and I gorged on pizza even though my stomach was feeling bad, because I am a dumpy little fat kid on the inside. Thanks for letting us invade you guys' room, Chappy~ orz orz orz

The day reminded me that Yako is still my favorite costume to get recognized in. It doesn't feel that way online, but at events, it seems like Majin Tantei is somehow really obscure. One girl came up to me and mentioned that she wanted to cosplay Neuro but of course his body structure is fucking ridiculous, so she thought about doing Sasazuka instead. I almost burst out in fangirl BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW right there, but I had the sense to ask her if she was caught up first. She told me she was only about halfway through, so I bit my tongue.

Another pair recognized me in the artist's alley and were really nice about it, plus they had some REALLY NICE Neuro prints, so I wanted to buy one as a way of saying thanks......... but what the fuck would I do with it. I still feel kinda bad about it (also, the prints were really very hot).

Day 1 pics:

Every time I saw him, I couldn't help breaking out into song.FROM UNITED KING, I'M ROOKING FOR HAM, I'M GOING TO CALFORNYAAAA~

And I find it funny that Chrona cosplayers generally make a little Ragnarok to attach to the shoulder, but this guy did it the other way around.

Silly Richard, why you do dat?

Erwin as Lavi, chappy_rukia as Rhode, Kris as Allen.

When I saw these two I literally SQUAWKED and leapt to my feet from a sitting position. They were surprised someone recognized them. FUCK YEAAAAAAAARH SAINT YOUNG MEN.

I like how I got absolutely zero pics of myself but lol oh well. I think there are some of me making the usual retarded faces on Kris' camera, but I'll have to wait for those.

Day 2: July 3rd, Friday
Met up with koneko in the am for our breakfast deito. Went to IHOP, and afterwards to her room to hang out. I was having such a nice time that I completely forgot about the time until chappy_rukia called and reminded me it was almost time for the Bleach gathering.

After hurriedly changing into Hime, I still ended up really late because I'm stupid and went to the wrong spot. But the gathering was pretty whatevers and Chappy & I ended up wandering off to do our own shoot. I don't regret going, though, because BANKAI IKKAKUS EVERYWHERE and there was a fuckawesome pharaoh Mayuri... *___* Plus eventually a Mashiro and a hollow Kensei showed up. :Db

When it got to be around 1pm, Chappy & I went to her room to get changed— her in to Ash, me into Sayumi for the Momusu concert.

Great concert! I was shocked by how much energy they seemed to have. It was practically nonstop dancing for a good half hour or so, and only brief breaks for the remainder. I'm not the biggest Takahashi fan, but damn if her voice wasn't awesome. LinLin asked, "這裡有沒有中國朋友?" and I just about died. LinLin, you gonna get taken home. I was also impressed by Gaki's MCing; she's really entertaining and pulled together. I really hope Takahashi graduates in time for her to get a stint as leader, because she'd be great.
I suspected it would happen, but I still jumped up and down with glee when they brought Yossy out for the announcement of the winners of the original PV contest. A wild Tsunku also appeared, but I mostly just cared about L-O-V-E LOVELY HITOMI~ She even did a little bit of the "The Peace!" dance as she was exiting fffff♥.
My only disappointment was that they didn't sing "Shabondama" or "Furusato", which are two of my favorites, but oh well, they worked in a bunch of other great songs and Sayumin was super moe ahahaha.

Said hi to katielovespink after the concert, and she was super super sweet. Somehow ended up in some of Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay's "Onna ni Sachi Are" pics before shuffling awkwardly away because I was surrounded by orange & gold & sequins & feathers & hot lady midriffs and looking like I really didn't belong. XD

Apparently I am an old lady now, because I was so tired from the concert that I took a little nap again after getting back to the room. I gorged on leftovers until everyone else got back to the room and said they wanted to go to Johnny Rockets, so OH WOW I ATE AGAIN. I like how Conrad kept saying he can tell he lost weight over the duration of the con, but I went home & weighed myself to find......... I'm still exactly the same. GEE, I WONDER WHY.
At Johnny Rockets, I discovered that not only is Erwin a huge Gintamafag like me, he also watches Basquash! and Sengoku Basara, so we geeked out over that for a while. PUTCHER GUNS ON, GAIZ! LET'S PARTAAAAAY!

That night we watched a hentai sample disc someone got from the dealer's room and lol'd heartily at the weird sfx/silly typos in the H-games before hitting up karaoke, which was fun even though I was pooped. Kris & I dueted "Sakura Addiction" and it was full of homoeroticism. I keep thinking I want to retire Hibari (I'm pretty much over Reborn, plus I'm too goofy for it), but she wants to do Mukuro now and I can't say no.

Day 2 pics:

PROOF OF THE DEITO. I know y'all jealous, especially certain stalkers... ufufu~

Yeah I was really into this guy SHUT UP I AM A HUGE NARWHALFAG OKAY?? I ADMIT IT.

liek omg that Ishida is sooo inaccurate I can't believe he didn't even bother chopping his hand off for this. :|

Aaand thus starts the chappy_rukia/nozomi RukiHime shoot.



lmao my calves... are ridic.


Chappyyyy~ ♥

Oh hayyy I'm so tsundere for this pairing. On one hand, SEXUAL TENSION, and on the other... not really big on Medusa. Ah well.

Day 3: July 4th, Saturday
The first thing we did that day was to watch the hot dog eating contest on tv. Chestnut won again in a brilliantly disgusting display, but I think Kobayashi wins every year in the hairstyle department. This year he sported the Public Obscenity Cut with emo bangs, and it was quite awesome.

On the elevator ride down, apparently we were in the SAME ELEVATOR AS KOUGA YUN but I didn't even know until Erwin said, "It's the creator of Loveless!" once we all got off. And then I facepalmed hard because I forgot to bring pictures of dist's Yurio with me alfkjsdfalsdf.

Went to Geass gathering in Miya and arrived late because again, I went to the wrong place. :Db It doesn't even matter since I finally got to see mikkatonic & missmicswinger. (Though unfortunately, that was the first and last time, sobbb~)
Some guy bought Pizza Hut and pretended to be a delivery guy for a while, then finally said, "Oh, well, then I guess the C.C.s will have to eat it." And I lol'd because he had me going for a minute.
BUT I was really disappointed Chappy couldn't make it since there was only one Shirley and she was.......... not that great. Part of me wishes I hadn't done Geass that day; it was way too hot and I ruined my wig trying to paw it out of the way every time I took off my jacket.

STUPIDLY accompanied Brainda and her friend to Johnny Rockets on foot of all things but oh well, it didn't kill me. Ate lunch, went back to the hotel, changed into Souchan.

RurouKen gathering was the first one I felt was TOTALLY TOTALLY AWESOME. Sara came, as did the adorable KenKao duo we saw last year, and... wait for it... EPIC ZANBATOU SANO from the Anaheim days. That zanbatou... made me wet........;;
The only downside was that Lawry & Miguel couldn't make it, total heartbreak.
OH AND I FELL OUT OF A TREE but it was too hilarious to be an actual negative. I kept a joking running tally of the number of times I "almost died" at the con, and this was definitely one of them lolol.

Returned to the hotel once more after a little, because those hakama are fucking impossible to get around in. Rested for a bit before changing into civvies and heading to the masq.
Masquerade was pretty whatevers, and the coordinators fucked with the only skit I really wanted to see (Coconut Bubble Sex's. you can read more about the fiasco in koneko's journal). Although the OTP skit (Setsuna x Gundam I ship it hard) and the Pokeball Z one were kinda cute, and after a Street Fighter skit in which the Sakura and Chun-Li were traps, MATT FUCKING MILLER obliquely mentioned City Hunter in his MC and I died laughing & wished La was there with me.

Day 3 pics:

I find it funny how I used to think, "More people should do Black Knights Kallen," because I love Kallen but hate most of her outifts save the Black Knights uniform. And ALL the Kallens at the Geass meet were in Black Knights and I was happy in the pants region.

lol Lulukitty and Suzakitty. :Db

Erwin saw this guy first and casually commented, "Hey, it's Deadpool," which naturally prompted high-pitched squealing from me and wild gushing. MAI HUSBANDO~~

I leave a whirlwind of mess behind me wherever I go.

I was feeling particularly silly on Saturday, so there are a lot of dumb/goofy photos.

The closest I got to getting a decent shot of the four, although... yeah, hand blurriness. I love the fact that PL is doing more and more female costumes these days because she looks so goshdarn cute in them.

FINALLY GOT A SHOT OF THIS POSE. I just love this scene + their relationship (in a mother/son kind of way).

WHY HELLO, HUEG ZANBATOU. The Sano in the shot is actually not the owner, but I thought it was a fortunate accident she ended up in there.

HUEG ZANBATOU in action.

Kenshin's bitches.



Someone called this the "Bro Fist of Death" or something along those lines. lmao FUTAE NO BROFIST AAAAAAAAAAH! lololol
The Anji was really polite and even bowed a little when he thanked me because I was going on & on about how I love Anji I love Anji I love Anji.

Showdown: broom vs. cockrooster

Okay, now run down the length of the sword like Kenshin did in that one episode.

Oh no! Kenshin plans on using Kaoru's own ougi against her??

Except no one messes with the tsundere.


Soujiro puts his shukuchi to more practical use.

*_____* So cuuuuute.

I absolutely cannot ship this, and I am all about the RK alternate pairings (Saitou/Megumi, though... that I can do).

Kenshin's response.


At first I was like, "Why are we all such fags," when looking through these pics, but then I remembered RUROUNI KENSHIN HAS A SEVERE LACK OF FEMALE CHARACTERS SO IT CAN'T BE HELPED. This is the only thing about the series that makes me rage.

Ban! Kai!

o/////o O-oh...

After this pic was when I fell out of the tree lolol.

And after that happened, everyone came to comfort me. Except "comfort" really means "molest." (Still, I'm okay with that.)

YOU MAY ALL WORSHIP AT MY FEET (Saitou is Grand Vizier).


Day 4: July 5th, Sunday
Met up with koneko again for GIRL-ON-GIRL... I mean, Kanashimi Twilight shoot. Had brekkie together again, then Matt took some pictures for us. ^w^b
Changed into 3-Z Kagura in Mer's room, and she ironed my tie for me like a real waifu~ *_____* She started getting into Mizore, but I had to split.

Saw said Kenshin from last year & the previous day in the line for the shuttle. We both kinda did double-takes and then went, "OH!" Chatted a bit while waiting and on the shuttle; he's a really cool dude. He & his gf are just both so adorable and so adorable together that I'm always oogling them ahahahaha.
Just after I got off the bus, Brainda called and asked me to buy her yaoi, and I facepalmed because I was reminded that I hang out with jailbait. Oi.

Showed up at the Gintama meet late (THERE IS A TREND HERE), but Ingrid always goes all out for gatherings and brought tons of food, so at least I didn't miss that, lol. One of the Kyuubeis came up and said hi, "I love your Shirley Fenette." And I was like, "WAT," because 1) someone I haven't met before knows of me!? and 2) I've only worn Shirley ONCE and looked pretty darn derpy in most of the pictures. But she was really sweet. And I mean really sweet. She gave an old lady who was hanging around some food and money, and I was like awwww.

Along with Ingrid, we went to the Jump gathering together since Erwin & Theo were running that and we were in Jump outfits anyway, but it was kinda fail. Originally, Erwin had thought that they'd do it by character types, but Theo has the lungs and grouped by series instead, which is redundant. But an adorable little Tsuna told me I looked cute there and it warmed my heart. Oh and I ran into one of the guys from my Chinese class last year and it was awkward because I was hoping he wouldn't recognize me but of course he did.

By this time, everything started closing up, so we just hung out and I took pictures of Theo's Geass figures. I totally want the Milly one! (Surprisingly, not so much the Shirley, because I don't like the way they did her face.) And then we hung out on the other side of the convention center, where I ran into chappy_rukia for the last time.

At the end of it all, Conrad dropped me back at the Westin so I could get my luggage from koneko's room, and just before I left she kissed me goodbye on the cheek and I was so *///////* and confused that when I got back to the lobby I first took the escalator in the wrong direction, then went around in a circle because I forgot that I had to go UP the escalator in order to get out from the Figueroa exit. So yeah, I'm convinced Mer used Sweet Kiss on me. It's super effective!

Day 4 pics:

Hawt Elizabeth on Elizabeth action... that produced a baby Elizabeth.



The Okita was a good sport and agreed to this. :D :D OkiKagu♥

Aaaand my eyes reverted back to their usual chinky selves.

My golf ball, let me show you it.

Aaand the Crown Clown Penis.

I thought the Spider-man popsicle looked more like Deadpool, so whenever someone called it Spider-man I'd yell at them, "NO IT'S DEADPOOL!!!" Also, I am loving the dirty look the lady who sold it to me is giving me.

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