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lions and harlequins and nerds, oh my!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I realized while moving stuff to my FKMT folder that I have a SaKai pic for 8/10 occassions, though Halloween pics seem to be in strange abundance (relatively).

Also sharing this one because it cracks me the fuck up

I suspect my own Halloween will be satisfactorily zawazawa, since there may be mahjong involved?

I was so tired that last night I slept long enough for the little hand to make a full circle (i.e. 12hrs). I've been busy lately, mostly with cleaning lol. And I haven't been sleeping too well (generally in the waking-up-earlier-than-I-need-to way) for some reason.

I made cuppy cakes on Thursday night~ They're pumpkin, natch.

Squid's costume. Gao~ gao~

Me & Cecilia & don't my nails look nice? They're red glitter in black base with a matte topcoat (although they started getting satin-y by yesterday morning).

in ur receptionist counters camwhorin'

With my darling Sylvia~


They made my 小表哥 wear one of my pigtails.

Su & Julie

She is so sweet I love my Julie~

Wow my hips look enormous but they kinda are so...;;


Mah boo~ and I can't wink. I forgot to take a picture of the "love letter" Jess wrote me and stuck above my computer that everyone has been asking me about hahahahaaa she's the cutest.

And Cici's pics:

Our decor, courtesy of Madame President-san.

Skiiinny little ittybitty Amymy damn lookit those legs.

Semy, Cici, Anne, Syl, me, Jessica.

Kevin's supafly car.

And Kevin. This is my supervisor, guys, don't be jealous.

What a slut. And I mean Ron. See, look at John-san's knowing smile in the back there. He's thinking, "That Ronald, what a slut."

And Jess' pics:

Semy looks so seductive & dangerous here rowrrr!

I love mah boo~

Vickie: "I'm a pirate!" Ronnie: "You look like a wench to me." Ah, sibling love.

Even though almost every day is a roller coaster, it was kinda nice hearing from Mistah J, "You look so cute, I just want to eat you." Lack of Ivy this year (dammit, La!!!) makes me a little puddin'-oriented, I suppose.

And I placed top 3 in our little costume contest, which is kind of flattering except I'm a dork who thinks Halloween is SRS BZNS.
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