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fanime! ...finally.

fanime 2011

probably the best con i've had in like... ever? it was super relaxed and spontaneous, barely any stress or drama. good times, good times.


thursday, day zero
got in and passed out

friday, day one
✫ wore ritsu (k-on!) with koneko as mugi and diana as yui. eventually shot with leonard, went to bijan and had a shitload of sweets.
✫ ran into neverender w bf and friends in scott pilgrim cos. i didn't even know she was going to be there! such a pleasant surprise.
✫ hung out for the rest of the day with some bros, pretty much.
✫ bombass cheesesteak date with my boo~
✫ stopped by ryan's barbarians & librarians party for a bit, ko'd after a couple drinks.

saturday, day two
✫ ugly day! whoo~
✫ shot eden of the east as johnny taker with koneko as saki and luffyxii as akira all morning.
✫ puri happened! fun was had.
✫ changed into mikoko for all of an hour, enough time for puri to happen again! with jeremy as my kaiji ♥ ♥
✫ ran into hakurei! i should've known it was her when someone actually recognized our cos hahahahaha. zawafag fistbump~
✫ changed out rapidfire cuz of stomachache and headache
✫ hung out in the fairmont for a bit while john/aj/blaze/scott played magic and kelly blasted boss nigger... lamer than it sounds but still not that exciting.

Hah I look so weird in this getup but WHATEVER, cosing with cool peeps~

♥ I LOVE THIS I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY TO HIDE IT. We should probably do some cute couple cos eventually, though...
Jeremy freaked out from sensory overload + moonspeak at the deco part so we ran out of time for a couple of the pics, lol.

sunday, day three
✫ slept in till noon, fucking AMAZING burrito for lunch don't even mention the word "iguanas" around me again. wore touko as something comfy to dick around in.
✫ stomachache again... went to buy meds..........
✫ changed into "rotten" miku, shot with mr. postman.
✫ considered b&w ball, saw the line, fuck that, pizza my heart with jeremy, john, and aj instead. they probably would've banned me for 5.5 inch heels, anyway.
✫ changed back into touko for late-night pokemon shoot. funnnnnnn so fun~ got to meet new attractive ladies and hang out with some familiar ones. i'm always a fan.
✫ hanging out everywhere-- outside, in room, in other room, by elevators since everyone got kicked out of trevor's party...
✫ wandered back to the con FOREVERALONE. however, greasy lamers fleeing at the sight of WILD BOYFRIEND APPEARS = pure hilarity

lol my hair is so obviously mismatched to my ponytail piece in this one FOCUS ON HOW CUTE EVERYONE ELSE IS INSTEAD.

monday, day four
✫ farewell cheesesteaks
✫ farewell san jose

☀ dude i met so many awesome people i don't even
☀ so chill so much fun ahhhh. i know it's super vague but i just can't describe how nice it was to chat with people, hang out, crack nerdy jokes... really simple but really fun.
☀ cheesesteak, pizza, orange sauuuuce. basically, food!

☂ missing people who weren't there and not seeing others who WERE there the entire fucking time. wtf!?
☂ stomach went apeshit on me, not pretty. pain.
☂ fucking cold, dawg. fuck the rain, too.
☂ dude my bf's brother is bro as hell, i like him a lot and all, but he slept in until like 2pm two days in a row and i had to get changed in semi-darkness.
☂ how does i party um not enough drunk. needs more drunk next time!
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